Our Bedding Factory


When we visited Peru in search of a manufacturing partner, our mission was clear: to seek out the finest quality Peruvian pima cotton in the world to make the products we’d dreamed of. And when we met Vicky and Mila, we knew that our dream would be realized. Their expertise and commitment to quality gave us the confidence we needed to make Petite Vigogne a reality. We’ve been working with them ever since to create beautiful, premium bedding products – and we’re proud to call them our partners.





Nestled in the heart of Lima, Peru, Vicky and Mila’s factory is a small, family-run business of spinners and seamstresses. Vicky and Mila take great pride in their business and pay close attention to detail at every step of the manufacturing process. They use only the finest cotton and highest quality equipment to weave home textiles that bear all the hallmarks of exquisite craftsmanship.



Vicky never expected their idea to turn into a business. Her husband, Eli Goryn, pioneered the use of Peruvian pima cotton for home textiles, and so Vicky began to design sheets for friends, as a hobby, to help Eli out.

 When Vicky saw how much her friends loved their new sheets, she worked with Mila to take them to market, and word quickly spread. Vicky has since travelled extensively throughout Europe in search of the latest manufacturing methods, and their factory in Lima has gained a whole team of talented seamstresses.




Vicky Niego has been a true inspiration and a dear friend of Petite Vigogne ever since we started working together. She was born in Lima, and gained a degree in Psychology before founding her cotton business in 2004. She’s worked in textiles for 25 years, and specializes in product creation and development. When she’s not working hard as a successful entrepreneur, Vicky spends time with her six children and four grandchildren.


Mila Nuñez works closely with Vicky and takes care of the production of their textile products. She was born in Arequipa, Peru, and worked as a photographer and editor bringing her expertise to textiles in 1993. She has one daughter and lives with her family in Lima, Peru.