Frequently Asked Questions Answered by our Founder Kathy Boyanovich


Do I need a sheet protector? 

I recommend a sheet protector for newborns 0-6 months. It is positioned on top of the fitted sheet to protect it from your baby’s drool, sweat or other accidents. When the sheet protector gets soiled, simply remove it and replace it with a clean one. This will save you the trouble of having to change the sheets each time. 

Due to the quality and high thread count of our bedding, the fluids will not pass through the sheet protector and the fitted sheet will remain dry and clean. I am a huge fan of sheet protectors! I highly recommend having a clean sheet protector handy with newborns. I always kept 2 clean ones next to my baby’s crib. They are the perfect solution for accidents in the middle of the night so you don’t need to change the crib sheet…and we all know how complicated it is to change a crib sheet with one arm while holding your little one with the other. 

When do I need to use a rail cover?

Rail covers are great to protect your babies’ teeth while taking care of their beautiful cribs. Our crib rail covers are the perfect teething guard for your child. 
I started using a rail cover when my son was able to stand on the crib. He began chewing on the rail and I was afraid he would hurt himself (not to mention the damage to the crib). Needless to say, our high-quality, cotton rail cover is guaranteed to last in good condition through this period, protecting your baby and your crib.

How do you recommend cleaning Petite Vigogne bedding?

We recommend machine washing on warm and tumble drying on low. Unlike other fine fabrics like baby alpaca and cashmere, which need drycleaning, cotton is a very resistant fiber, and the higher the thread count, the more resistant it will be to washing and time.

What brand of detergent do you suggest?

Dreft / Babyganics are both good choices for washing children’s bedding and clothing. Always use detergents that are gentle and free of dyes and fragrances.

Will the length of the crib skirt work for both the highest and lowest adjustable height of the crib?

Our crib skirts are designed to fit the highest support position, which is generally used when the baby is an infant. This is when we parents are the most excited to have our crib looking great! Right? ;) It will also adapt to the lowest position, just looking a bit longer.

How do you use a comforter for a baby?

Our comforters are meant to use as a blanket for newborns and not for overnight sleep. We also design them for toddlers who are able to push away the comforter if they get warm.

I used a comforter since day one! It was my favorite blanket when breast-feeding because it made me feel I was in bed, even though I was on my couch. The crisp feeling of our fine cotton kept us very warm without being too hot. When my baby turned 4 months I started using it as a crib blanket by placing it horizontally and tucking it in really well so he would feel bundled up. My son didn’t like being swaddled so that worked really well for us.

I am preparing our nursery for our baby’s arrival.
We love Petite Vigogne bedding, but the colors are not a fit with our room. Do you offer other selections?

Yes! We offer custom designs to compliment any nursery. We understand that decorating a space for your newborn is a very personal thing, and we have started to offer Petite Vigogne bedding on a custom basis for interested parents. Please contact us directly to talk about our design approach!


Please email me your questions or personal experiences. I would be very happy to give you advice wherever I can. 
I usually respond to emails within a day!