Baby alpaca & vicuña

Baby Alpaca

Baby alpaca fleece is so velvety and soft, it was once reserved for Inca royalty. While similar to wool, baby alpaca is far lighter and warmer, with a silky sheen.

Alpacas are raised high in the Peruvian Andes, and are tended by native Andean herdsmen, who humanely shear their flock every other year just before the rainy season. The first clip of the season yields baby alpaca, which is the finest classification of alpaca fiber available.

Baby alpaca is perfect for our baby accessories because while strong and durable, it’s extremely gentle against the skin, and contains no lanolin, so it’s hypoallergenic. With a feel similar to cashmere, it’s the very best you can give your baby.


Vicuña is the finest and most rare wool available in the world today. Its combined softness and warmth makes it a perfect choice for our baby blanket – a precious, heirloom-quality gift for any new arrival.

The Incas valued vicuña wool so highly, that it was against the law for anyone but royalty to wear it. Vicuñas live high in the Andean wilderness. They’re a protected species and can only be herded and shorn every three years.

They have a long, very fine and yet strong coat, with tiny scales on the hollow, air-filled fibers. When the wool is knitted together, these tiny scales cause the fibers to interlock and trap insulating air, making any vicuña wool product extremely warm. 


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