Pima cotton

The 500-thread count Pima cotton we use for our bedding is widely considered to be the finest in the world.

Woven in cotton Sateen to create a softer, silkier feel with a luminous sheen.

We source ours from the northern coastal valleys of Peru, where the moisture-rich soil and warm, equatorial temperature results in extra-soft cotton with a silky, lustrous feel.

The Peruvian pima cotton is expertly hand-harvested, taking care to preserve the long cotton staples. This delicate, environmentally friendly process results in a bright, white shade of cotton of the very finest quality.

The extra long staple length of our cotton makes it ideal for bedding. Not only does it make our sheets luxuriously soft and gentle against your baby’s skin – it’s also extra durable, meaning that your sheets will stay soft and fresh, wash after wash.


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