About Us

 We founded Petite Vigogne (peh-tee / vih-gohnh) to provide the very best for your baby. We source the finest materials to craft the highest quality bedding, handmade gifts and accessories. Our bedding is designed in New York and responsibly manufactured with our partner boutique factory in Peru.

Kathy Boyanovich, a former Director of Product Development at Ralph Lauren, founded Petite Vigogne four months after the birth of her son in January 2015. 

Her experience working on high-quality children’s products and her knowledge of luxurious fabrics laid the perfect foundation for Petite Vigogne. Though the superior quality of Peruvian Pima cotton makes it an attractive fabric for many top fashion brands, Kathy was surprised to discover that it was difficult to find high thread-count Peruvian Pima cotton bedding for newborns in the US. She flew back to her native Peru to find the perfect Peruvian Pima cotton bedding and accessories for her son, and realized that other mothers would appreciate the same.

Our team continues to search for the highest quality fabrics to create the best possible baby bedding products and accessories. In addition to luxurious Peruvian Pima cotton, we have sourced Vicuña – one of the highest-quality threads in the world – and wonderfully soft baby alpaca, also from Peru, to make perfectly crafted products for lucky newborns worldwide.

*All our products meet CPSC safety requirements. 

Photo: Kathy and Alonso 

Featured Product: Baby Alpaca Scarf 


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