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  • Top 5 Nursery Must-Haves

    Top 5 Nursery Must-Haves

    By Alison Cupp Relyea      When you are expecting your first child, designing a nursery can feel daunting. Like many new moms, I talked to friends and tried to make sense of the many options. With limited space in a small New York City apartment, we chose gender-neutral colors and simple, sleek designs to maximize space. Looking back now, and having decorated two different nurseries for my subsequent children, I would advise new parents to focus their energy on a few key items beyond the basic furniture of a crib, dresser and changing table. Less is more, and each...

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  • Biting and Hitting: A View from the Other Side

    Biting and Hitting: A View from the Other Side

      By Alison Cupp Relyea  My first child, at the ripe old age of eleven months, earned himself a note home from daycare. He bit another child. I went through all the emotions one would expect: shame, anxiety and confusion. I also had an overwhelming desire to fix this immediately. This was prompted in part because biting is wrong, and in part because the biting intervention sheet that I received from daycare outlined a protocol that said, in summary, three strikes and you’re out.  Luckily, the daycare director also understood that we were dealing with a child who had not...

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  • A Reflection on Mother’s Day

    A Reflection on Mother’s Day

      By Alison Cupp Relyea  Mother’s Day is approaching, and each year we have this one day to reflect on the tender moments of motherhood. Not all moments of motherhood are joyous and beautiful, but they are all part of whole portrait, an all-encompassing experience that has changed each mother’s life since that first day a child entered her world. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pause and enjoy life’s imperfections.  Mother’s Day, like many holidays, can be marked by high expectations and disappointment, but only if you focus on the gifts and plans rather than the meaning behind...

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  • Petite Hollywood

    Petite Hollywood

    By Alison Cupp Relyea     Over the past years at Petite Vigogne, we have been committed to combining high-quality, luxurious fabrics with newborn baby bedding in a way that is unprecedented, and the word is getting out about our delightful designs. Often the most precious baby products are too delicate to endure the test of time, and the more durable items are not as soft and enveloping. Petite Vigogne achieves both goals, with fine fabrics that are beautiful, durable and machine-washable. Everyone who tries our products seems to agree, even the hard-to-please Hollywood set, who are discovering Petite Vigogne...

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  • Finding Friends In Motherhood

    Finding Friends In Motherhood


    By Alison Cupp Relyea   The first few months of parenting are a rollercoaster, with most of the logistics of your pre-baby days subject to drastic change. Your sleep routines, meals, work and social life can fall by the wayside as you shift your focus to this new bundle of joy. While most moms find they need friends now more than ever, they also feel vulnerable. New mothers often report a feeling of isolation in the early months of parenting, and here at Petite Vigogne, we hope to offer advice to help new mothers nurture their children and nourish themselves.  One...

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  • Making Memories

    Making Memories

    By Alison Cupp Relyea    Only a few decades ago, there were a few standard options for preserving early parenting memories: photo albums, framed photos, hand and foot prints and baby books. Now, with limitless options ranging from personalized products to large canvas prints, it can be yet another thing that becomes overwhelming for new parents. Within months of becoming a parent, many of us have hundreds of digital photos, and the number keeps growing as the child grows. Keeping up is a challenge, but catching up once years have slipped by is even more daunting. At Petite Vigogne, we...

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