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  • Put On the Brakes

    Put On the Brakes

      By Alison Cupp-Relyea     Parents of very young children are often told by more seasoned parents to cherish every moment, a remark on how quickly children grow up. When my children were young, I found this advice to be a bit cliché, but looking back now, I see the real value in taking the time to slow down when your children are young. As a society, we are caught up in a cycle of being busy and productive. Parenting a newborn is no exception, as nap times get filled up with household chores and texts interrupt playdates and picnics...

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  • Summer Sun Makes Travel Fun

    Summer Sun Makes Travel Fun

    By Alison Cupp Relyea       Vacations are wonderful, right? In theory, yes, but with small children, travel can also be exhausting and emotionally draining. The change from your everyday routine means more planning ahead to ensure a smooth trip. Being prepared can make an enormous difference in your family’s experience. No matter where you are going and whether you are driving or flying, remember that traveling as a family is about having fun and spending quality time together. Making the extra effort before you leave will lead to a more relaxing vacation. Here are some of our favorite...

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