Safety Tips for Summer Fun

Safety Tips for Summer Fun


By Alison Cupp-Relyea

School is almost out for summer, and the warm months and long days mean many hours of healthy outdoor time. This is a wonderful thing, but as we all know from our own childhood experiences, it can also lead to more bumps and bruises. Some simple steps and a bit of preparation will help you and your child stay safe this summer.

Make a First Aid Kit

Update your first aid kit to have extra supplies and summer-friendly items, such as sun screen and bug spray. An antibiotic lotion, such as Neosporin, is essential for keeping any cuts and scrapes clean and free of infection. Aloe and other natural remedies are also helpful to have on hand.

Use Natural, Organic Products

When selecting the items for your first aid kit, remember to check the ingredients for unwanted toxins. While the natural products might be slightly harder to find or more expensive, it is worth it to protect your children from harmful chemicals. Mineral-based sunscreens and bug sprays with essential oils are the best choices.

Know the Risks

Parents who live in a place with a high tick population should do daily tick checks and may choose to use bug spray with DEET rather than a natural alternative because of the risk of Lyme disease. People who live near water should do extra water safety training and invest in high-quality life preservers for activities. Whatever the risks may be, having the supplies and the knowledge you need will maximize the fun and minimize problems.

Carry an Emergency Card    

With children going to various activities throughout the summer, it is a good idea to make or update a family emergency card. This card includes emergency names and contacts as well as doctor information, allergy information and current medication. Keep the card in your diaper bag or beach bag. Hopefully you will never need it but always better to be safe!

Enjoy your summer, and please share your safety tips with us!


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