For Father’s Day

For Father’s Day

By Alison Cupp Relyea


Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and as you think about how to celebrate, consider the traits that set your husband apart, and the unique gifts he brings to your family. Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to pause time and see your family in the present, while honoring the person you chose to join you on this journey years ago. Gifts that capture who your husband is as a person and his special role in your family can speak volumes about what he means to you.

 Five ways to make your Father’s Day a little sweeter:

 Handmade gifts: Depending on your little one’s age, a gift from your child made especially for Dad is a great way to mark the early years of fatherhood. It can be simple, like a framed finger-painting or drawing, or you can get more creative with a handprint or footprint and a poem to capture your love. Breakfast in bed is technically hand-made, too!

 Personalized gifts: A photo book to mark the highlights of the year or a printed canvas of your favorite picture of your husband and child are always sure to prompt an emotional response and will be treasured for years to come.

 Acknowledge a hobby: Moms are often told they should take more time for themselves, and dads can be just as guilty of putting other obligations first. Think of the things your husband loved to do before you had children, and find a gift that will give him some escape from the everyday, or allow him to explore a new interest. Friends of mine have given their spouses guitar lessons, cooking lessons, concert tickets and stacks of books, depending on the husband’s interests.  

 Encourage a bond with your child: Another approach to honoring your husband and the dad he has become is to find an activity that he and your child can do together. Does he love to build, cook or work outside? A gardening kit, children’s recipe book or wooden blocks, along with some adult tools or a book for inspiration, is a great way to show your husband that you appreciate what he brings to parenting and the bond he is forming with your child. A friend gave her husband father-and-son fishing rods and a tackle box, and it was a huge hit!

 Give time to reflect: Fathers need to talk about their goals for parenting and reflect on how things are going, just like moms do. Schedule a regular check-in with your spouse, even in the early years, to touch base on your relationship, your family dynamic, and your parenting. It might not seem necessary on that first Father’s Day, but down the road when things get more challenging, you will be grateful that you carved time out for each other.


Happy Father’s Day from Petite Vigogne!

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