Top 5 Nursery Must-Haves

Top 5 Nursery Must-Haves

By Alison Cupp Relyea


  When you are expecting your first child, designing a nursery can feel daunting. Like many new moms, I talked to friends and tried to make sense of the many options. With limited space in a small New York City apartment, we chose gender-neutral colors and simple, sleek designs to maximize space.

Looking back now, and having decorated two different nurseries for my subsequent children, I would advise new parents to focus their energy on a few key items beyond the basic furniture of a crib, dresser and changing table. Less is more, and each of these items will shape the environment and sensory experience of your newborn baby.  

Bedding: Creating a beautiful and comforting sleep environment is often the first step in defining the tone of your nursery. Our high-quality and luxurious fabrics are extremely soft and enveloping. With a range of colors and themes, we have nursery bedding to suite your style and serve as a simple yet sophisticated backdrop to other nursery accents.




Artwork: One eye-catching, baby-friendly print or painting can make a huge impact in a small nursery. Also, as your baby grows and can see contrast and color more clearly, this may become the center of attention and a conversation starter for years to come. Some of our favorites nursery accents are the fruit and animal prints by Enzo Mari. Other online retailers with creative and whimsical artwork for children are and

Glider: You will probably spend a lot of time in early years bonding with your child in a glider or rocker, so this is an item that you should put careful thought into choosing. We tested out a few, but I kept coming back to the Monte Design Luca Glider in brown. I hoped we would have another baby, and wanted something that was well-made, versatile and did not look like an old-fashioned glider. After using the Luca Giider for eight consecutive years of feeding, rocking and reading bedtime stories, I recently passed our glider and ottoman on to my younger brother and his wife when they had their first baby.

Music and Mobile: Most babies enjoy music and show an interest in sound from their earliest weeks. Some people prefer musical mobiles, while others may prefer to have a mobile over the crib and a separate music source, such as a wind-up animal or music box. Whichever you choose, babies often enjoy having music as part of their bedtime routine and you will likely find it soothing, as well!

Books: Even in those early months, reading books with your child gives you a chance to connect and unwind. Start exploring baby books early and build a collection of favorites. You will treasure them for years to come.

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