Bringing up Baby Au Naturel

Bringing up Baby Au Naturel

By Alison Cupp-Relyea

    With the consumer culture of the 80s and 90s giving way to minimalism, plastic toys for babies are becoming a thing of the past. Along with that, many of the baby trends we see today focus on surrounding babies with natural products, many of which are safer and more long-lasting than their predecessors.

Looking at a day in the life of a baby, opportunities to incorporate high-quality, simple, safe products fall into four categories: Play, Sleep, Eat, Bath. By incorporating natural materials into each of these areas, you will give your baby a healthy start while also being mindful of the environment. Don’t worry if your baby is already a toddler – it is never too late to start making wholesome choices.


Wooden toys are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They last longer, are safer than plastic, and rarely have batteries. Many wood toys are simple in design, certified organic to ensure that they do not contain any paints or other toxins, and thoughtfully designed to encourage development. Most importantly, children love them. Give a toddler a set of wood blocks and watch the magic unfold!


High-quality sleep products will create a cocoon of comfort for your little ones while they sleep, and will leave you resting easy. Sheet sets that are 100% cotton are safe and breathable. They are also soft and durable, and a couple well-made sheet sets will last beyond the move from crib to big kid bed. We recommend Petite Vigogne as they focus on providing naturally hypo-allergenic and high thread-count sheets to ensure your baby’s comfort. Also, Pima cotton is known to be the best cotton in the world, producing a smooth fabric that is soft to touch, resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading.


It may seem easiest to grab a snack pack of Goldfish or Pirate’s Booty when you are filling the diaper bag and heading to the park, or even a squeezable fruit pouch, but more and more parents are switching to simple fruits and vegetables at snack and mealtimes. Spending a few minutes a few times a week to cut up fruit and veggies means you always have snacks prepped and ready to go, and using reusable containers (preferably glass or metal) eliminates wrappers in the trash. Natural, unprocessed snacks are also better for your child, and can teach them about where food comes from – plants, not packages - at an early age!


For baby bath time, find natural, organic products that do not use perfumes and dyes. These are better for your baby’s skin and with a fewer unrecognizable ingredients, you can feel confident about your product choices. For more help finding bath products and other child-safe products, we recommend the product guide from this website, Gimme the Good Stuff.


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