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Best-selling Baby Gifts


By Alison Cupp-Relyea


  These thoughtful gifts, ranging in form, function and price point, are sure to be a hit at the holidays for the new baby in your life.


  1. The Baby Shusher

A new innovation that is quickly replacing the Sleep Sheep in popularity, this new sleep tool is proven to ease the transition to sleep. Calming, rhythmic noises mimic the sounds inside the uterus, helping young babies calm themselves and feel comforted in their environment. This makes a great gift for new parents who are hoping to catch up on some sleep this holiday season!


  1. Cloud B Twilight Constellation Nightlight

This adorable nightlight brings the night sky into your child’s room with a gentle constellation of stars scattered on the ceiling and walls. The soft light envelops your child with wonder and sweet dreams. This is a great baby gift and will be a treasured nighttime companion for years to come!


  1. Petite Vigogne Knit Sets

Perfect for a precious newborn in winter months, these beautifully designed knit sets keep babies warm and cozy on holiday excursions. This extra special gift set contains a handmade hat, scarf and mittens crafted from delicately soft baby alpaca wool. A truly memorable gift for new arrivals, in neutral tones that work for any occasion!


  1. Egg Grey Cable Knit Layette

The Egg Baby cable knit one-piece is a versatile addition to any newborn wardrobe. The cable-knit detail and soft, 100% cotton knit combine in a piece that is a hit at a holiday parties and comfortable enough for everyday wear.


  1. Petite Vigogne Roi Hand Crochet Baby Alpaca Blanket

This delicately soft baby alpaca blanket will envelop your bundle of joy in comfort and warmth. Crocheted by hand from baby alpaca, this beautiful and luxurious handmade blanket is the perfect accompaniment for a deep night’s sleep. Comes in two different colors.


  1. The Laundress Baby Gift Bag

A stylish way to tackle all the laundry that comes with a new bundle of joy! This is a thoughtful gift for new parents who are busy with their new balancing act. With The Laundress, those precious newborn fabrics maintain their texture and quality.


  1. The Complete Peter Rabbit Library by Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter’s delightful stories transcend time and place, taking you and your little one through endless tales with furry friends. This will be a favorite in any child’s library for years to come.


Luxury Keepsake Baby Gifts

Looking for a gift that will become a lasting memory in your baby’s life? These personalized gifts will be treasured for years to come, capturing the essence of family life and love.


  1. Boombox Gift

Boombox gifts are a way to bring instant joy that will last a lifetime. Capture the love of all friends and family as they welcome the arrival of a new baby with notes and photos all carefully printed and wrapped up in a sophisticated keepsake box.


  1. My Quotable Kid

An affordable and memorable gift that parents will enjoy for years to come, right up to their child’s graduation parties and when grandchildren arrive! There is nothing more precious, and harder to remember, than the adorable language children use as they grow. This catchy journal gives parents a place to write it all down and hold on to those moments.


  1. Baby Book

Baby books are a gift that parents love to receive. It is an opportunity to reflect and capture the small moments and big milestones of the early years. Push pause as time flies by. These are two of our favorites!


Petit Collage Baby Book. Simple, gender-neutral baby book from beloved children’s author and illustrator, Lorena Siminovich.


Sara Midda Baby Book. A longtime favorite, this baby book is unique and endearing, just like your new baby.


  1. Personalized Family Art

This snapshot of family makes the perfect personalized gift for milestones, especially the birth of a new baby. With many design options and custom service, you can include images, words, and themes that best reflect your loved ones. A wonderful way to express the character of your family as it grows.


Nursery Accents

Combining simple and practical with elegant style, these nursery accents are sure to bring points of interest to your child’ bedroom.


  1. Tapikid Organic Playmat

A playmat is the backdrop for play, and as babies and toddlers explore, we want to have the safest and simplest materials surrounding them. This organic playmat is simple in design, durable, and portable for use in small spaces. The park scene encourages open-ended play with vehicles, animals or building with blocks. Easy to wash and store, this is a must-have!


  1. Play tent

Bring an element of surprise and fun into any nursery or playroom with a neutral-toned play tent. These play tents will bring many years of imagination and joy to your child, evolving from a quiet place for exploration to a cozy fort, magical castle or the perfect spot for a secret tea party.


  1. Nursery Prints

Carefully-selected artwork can be the defining piece in a beautiful nursery. These prints by Aiko Fukawa are simple in concept, yet detailed with pops of color to brighten any room.


Rabbit Print


Baby Elephant Print



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