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Baby Gifts and Baby Gift Sets for a Special Little One

 By Alison Cupp Relyea

Your friend or relative has a brand new baby, and you want to give a gift that captures this special time. It can be hard to find that perfect balance of beautiful and practical, gifts that will shape the experience of a new parent. We explored the market of luxury baby gifts and gift sets to bring you a selection items recommended by mothers, some must-haves and other unique treasures.

The Abeille Set by Petite Vigogne is a sweet and simple way to combine luxury and durability for a useful newborn gift. This baby gift set contains a swaddle blanket, burp cloth, bib made from a soft white pima cotton.      


A sterling silver tooth holder is a unique way to give a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come. One mother noted that seeing this item on her daughter’s dresser over the years reminds her of those early tender moments, even now that her daughter is older and uses it for the tooth fairy.

A book collection is a personal way to put together a gift set that can grow with a childover time. By selecting titles that range from newborn board books to timeless picture books, a set of six or seven books can help to shape a child’s library and create timeless memories.   


A music box or musical globe makes a memorable gift for a newborn. From those first few months into early childhood, a parent and child will share tender moments enjoying beautiful music. Its old-fashioned beauty and simple melody often reminds parents of music boxes from their own childhood. We recommend the Reed and Barton Seaglobe.

Our Petite Vigogne Travel Laundry Bags are a customer favorite. This gift offers a way to give a new parent an unexpected gift that comes in handy for years to come. Each set comes with two bags, one for clean items and one that is lined for dirty items. Many moms suggest having an extra set for the spare clothes in the diaper bag.


Sleepwear sets are a guaranteed way to bring a new parent something essential and adorable at the same time. We suggest getting high-quality sleepwear a few sizes up in a 6-12 month size. This way, as their little one grows out of tiny newborn clothes, parents will have something to look forward to and it will fit for much longer.One parent noted that one of the best newborn gifts she received was personalized notecards with her child’s name on them. Parents have spent nine months selecting a name for their new arrival, and these notecards make thank-you notes more touching and meaningful.

Framed prints or wall prints are a great personal item for new prints. Many new parents take a lot of photos and keep them digitally, but do not have the time to turn them into prints for the nursery.

The Sleep Sheep white noise machine is a cute and cuddly addition to a nursery and can help new parents establish sleep routines with their newborns. The Sleep Sheep attaches to the crib and has a selection of soothing natural sounds.

Depending on climate, a well-made thermal stroller bundle makes a fantastic baby gift. The best items are high-end and durable, such as the 7am Infant bundles.

 7am Bundle

 Bath and body gift sets bring mothers and babies an element of sensory indulgence they can enjoy every day. Splurge on items formulated specifically for a baby’s sensitive skin with safe, high-quality ingredients. We recommend Mustela and Erbaviva products.

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