Meet Petite Vigogne's Head Designer

Meet Petite Vigogne's Head Designer

Q- Describe Megan in three words.     

Creative. loyal. authentic. 

Q- How would you describe your designing style? 

I love to create cohesive stories. It does not start with pieces , but with a collection -a story. So once I see a direction for the collection, then I get to touch each piece, making each one it's own masterpiece inside the story. 

Q- How does being a mom influence your designs?

Designing while a mom, has made me know my "client's" needs. My baby! He needs functional products that last a million washings that maintain style and comfort. 

Q- What inspired you to create Petite Vigogne signature collections?

Vintage and european bedding and linens is where I have drawn most of my inspiration. I love starting with something vintage and old and beautiful and working it into a new nursery -make it come alive again!

Q- Who are your favorite designers?

Having worked for Ralph lauren, I have a great respect for him and the world he has built. The RL style is strong, elegant and the definition of quality. I respect a wide range of other designers as well. It is inspiring to me to see a wide breadth of styles.

Q- Why do you think buying high quality bedding for your child is so important? 

When it comes for products for your child, it is essential that you know what you are getting. And when you select high quality goods you have a much better idea of the quality of content, durablitiy and the functionality of the product. Babies spend most of their day sleeping, what better place to invest in soft, durable, and beautiful products that will be so soft for babies skin!

 Photo: Megan Devine and son Sam


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