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  • Bringing up Baby Au Naturel

    Bringing up Baby Au Naturel

    By Alison Cupp-Relyea     With the consumer culture of the 80s and 90s giving way to minimalism, plastic toys for babies are becoming a thing of the past. Along with that, many of the baby trends we see today focus on surrounding babies with natural products, many of which are safer and more long-lasting than their predecessors. Looking at a day in the life of a baby, opportunities to incorporate high-quality, simple, safe products fall into four categories: Play, Sleep, Eat, Bath. By incorporating natural materials into each of these areas, you will give your baby a healthy start...

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  • Travel and Jetlag with Little Ones

    Travel and Jetlag with Little Ones

      By Alison Cupp-Relyea A few months ago, we went on a very ambitious vacation with our children, from New York to Hawaii. My sister and her family met us there, traveling in the opposite direction from Melbourne to Hawaii. It was a convenient halfway point for a family reunion, and a six-hour time difference left everyone struggling with jetlag. This experience, along with a trip to Spain the previous year, taught us a few things about preparing for time change with small children. Our three main messages for parents considering trips across time zones are plan ahead, go with...

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  • For Traveling Parents

    For Traveling Parents

      By Alison Cupp-Relyea Many parents travel for work, and telling your child at the right time is key to them developing a sense of trust and understanding with you. If you help your child set expectations and are straightforward, work travel does not need to be an emotional event for anyone. Planning ahead can also allow parents and children to maximize quality time when the parent returns home. A few easy tips will help parents communicate travel plans with children effectively. Tell your child in advance, but not so far in advance that it will be confusing or may...

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  • When Your Greatest Joy Leads to Postpartum Depression

    When Your Greatest Joy Leads to Postpartum Depression

      By Alison Cupp-Relyea Postpartum depression, like other mental illnesses, does not discriminate. You recently had a baby, one that you probably spent months dreaming about and preparing to welcome. That does not prevent it. You believe you should be the happiest you have ever been. That does not prevent it. You love this new baby more than you have ever loved anything. Still, you can’t prevent it. At some moments, you feel as happy as you know you should be. You hope things are becoming more balanced, that this tidal wave of emotion will turn into a ripple and...

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  • Safety Tips for Summer Fun

    Safety Tips for Summer Fun

      By Alison Cupp-Relyea School is almost out for summer, and the warm months and long days mean many hours of healthy outdoor time. This is a wonderful thing, but as we all know from our own childhood experiences, it can also lead to more bumps and bruises. Some simple steps and a bit of preparation will help you and your child stay safe this summer. Make a First Aid Kit Update your first aid kit to have extra supplies and summer-friendly items, such as sun screen and bug spray. An antibiotic lotion, such as Neosporin, is essential for keeping...

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  • Toddlers Need Downtime, Too.

    Toddlers Need Downtime, Too.

      By Alison Cupp-Relyea You know the days. You book brunch before a birthday party, then a visit with grandparents afterward, thinking that because it fits on the calendar without overlapping blocks that it will work. Your toddler melts down at the party, or at your inlaws, or in the middle of a Starbucks where you stop to refuel because this day is too much, even for you. Even when they stop napping, and we suggest you keep that naptime for the longest time possible, young children need downtime to recharge and be at their best. Much like when they...

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